Branch is both ahead and behind master

less than 1 minute read

For a long time, I’ve said that I’m «proefficient» using git, feeling comfortable with gitflow and capable of solving merge-conflicts.

But all that is always assuming I’m working under ideal conditions. And that’s because so far, I’ve only worked either alone, or in <5 members teams. And all the conflicts I’ve solved are pretty standard ones, solvable by either following GitHub suggestions, or doing a quick search.

But today I had a different one that can be described like this:

  • Submit PR from dev to master
  • Merge dev into master
  • Revert changes from merge
  • Push a new commit to dev
  • Merge dev into master, again

This isn’t performed automatically since dev is both behind and ahead of master.

So far, being lazy and avoiding git docs has served me well, but this time, neither GitHub’s de facto solution nor first google results don’t work. This time, actual conflict solving is required.