Hi, I’m David Omar. I read, learn, develop, and write stuff.

I’m a computer science and engineering student living in Mexico City, and this is my website —see how good I am at describing the evident? I can explain jokes too.

I’m a curious person who tries to read and learn a lot. Unfortunately, that is beyond what I can efficiently learn.

The disciplines and sciences I’m interested in are several, but I always try to make relations between them and computer science. That’s my greatest interest.

You can read my ./writings, where I write stuff I think could be useful for someone with some shared interests. That place is meant to be kept in professional lines.

For something more personal, relaxed, and light-weight, you can read my personal blog. I write book summaries and reviews in there as well.

One of my hobbies inside the reach of computer science, is generative artwork. I do some experiments on that, and you can explore them at ./generative-mistakes.

Finally, if you’d like to read more about me, or the site, you should go to the ./about section.

Cheers. Keep being awesome!